"Chase the dream, NOT the dollar"




Wildcard Family:

Actor, Producer, former NHL star, and founder of Halaw Productions.

Sasha "The Pitbull" Lakovic



Vancouver's latest Neo-Soul/Rock Sensation.

Familia band


Canadian filmmaker, producer and newspaper columnist

Boris Malagurski.

His latest project:


Pro Race Car driver

Tony Morris Jr.


Follow Paulie Kosta , with his celebrity friends, 24/7, as he takes you on an unedited webcast journey into his illustrious Hollywood life.  Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall"? Here's your chance!


3D digital graphic and anime extraordinaire Dan Lam.







            Canadian Hip-Hop Legend



              Van-city Hip-Hop Pioneers

        Killawatt records


              Strikeforce fighter, Fitness model+personal trainer

         Julia"The Jewel"Budd


               Actor, UFC 24 champ, and MMA gym owner

        Lance "FEARLESS"Gibson Sr.


              Canada's upcoming and stylized filmmakers